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Business Review – Process Flows and Internal Controls

The business environment is extremely dynamic and external and internal factors have an impact on the way business is carried out. In addition, there are lots of technological changes that are mainly to simplify and speed up the processes. Existing organizations continue to follow the old procedures as this is how things have always be done. This results in inefficiencies and high costs.

Key Services
. Evaluate the capabilities of the existing ERP
. Meet with each department head and teams and map the existing process and identify the control points
. Look at the complete integrated model to highlight the duplicate and unnecessary tasks
. Prepare revised processes that are more efficient and cost effective
. Strengthen the internal control environment to ensure that the errors, omissions or willful deceptive actions are highlighted timely to prevent any loss to the organization
. Train and advise the team on what the changes are and lessen the anxiety caused by change.